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Super Saiyan Infinity
SSJ Mugendai
Supersaiyajin Infinity
Anime name Super Saiyan Infinity
Manga name Super Saiyan Infinity
Alternate names The Infinite One
Debut DBO
Appears in DBO
Inventor Goku
Users Goku
Class Transformation

Super Saiyan Infinity is a form Super Saiyan Transformation used only by Goku The Infinite One. So far it is the first ever recorded transformation powerful enough to challenge the power of Lushe The Savage Tuffle God. It is seemingly impossible for any other Saiyan regardless of their power to achieve this form. As the name suggests, in grants the user an infinite supply of power allowing them to remain in this form indefinately if they wish.


Appearance & PowerEdit

Super Saiyan Infinity was only ever mastered by an alternate Goku. There may be others in other multiverses across the omniverse who have achieved this form but this is the first one ever discovered. Super Saiyan Infinity gives the user light gray fur, gold eyes, gold eyeliner, black eyebrows, and gigantically oversized bright golden super saiyan hair. In this form, Goku's mere existence was warping and destroying the universe while he was holding back. The exchanges between him and Lushe caused multiverse zones to be both collapses and born in split instances. With infinite supreme power and ki at Goku's finger tips, he is invulnerable to all and any outside form of attack indefinately, and only being that rivals his own power(such as lushe) could even hope to approach him while in this state. By powering up, Goku destroyed quadrillions of multiverses, even Lushe was impressed by the extreme destructive power that is granted by Super Saiyan Infinity, stating that he had done away with 000.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 of the entire omniverse's totality by doing so, the greatest feat of destruction he'd ever seen prior to encountering Super Saiyan Infinity goku's powers and abilities.

Just by existing without moving, thinking, or acting at all, Super Saiyan Infinity Goku's power was great enough to slowl rot and erode away the fabric of several multiverse's at once. The form is so great that no finishing moves or attacks are warranted but enough usage of them could literally put the entire Omniverse in danger. The form was later easily defeated by Lushe in one of his many powered up stages of Super Tuffle, and as such Lushe has absorbed all the power from Goku's Super Saiyan Infinity form so as to further increase and evolve his own god caliber super tuffle powers far beyond their original limits.

Usage & TrainingEdit


However, due toan unexpected ki fluctuation when lusche absorbed goku's powers, goku transformed into ssj infinity ultimate, which had a beyond infinite power in all possible dimensions, as compared to lusche's measurable power in 4 dimensions. He then procedes to kill lusche with a final attack and looses this ssj infinity ultimate temporarily as each move created unimaginable stress on the user for the first time.

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